CBMS- MGI Mission Statement

Focus Statement for our work at the MGI, and in year #1, with the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education: In year #1 of our partnership with the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education, CBMS staff will analyze and re-design the CBMS learning environment, with the goal of supporting an increase in personalized learning and meaningful pursuits for our students. We will be aiming to create a learning environment which allows our students to engage in learning that incorporates interests, questions and concerns about issues of personal and social significance in a democratic society. This work will begin in the Middle Grades Institute in June, where we will run a jigsaw approach towards exploring this lofty goal. Small groups will focus on:
*The utilization of time- how can the CBMS daily schedule change to better allow us to meet this goal?
*The roll-out of Personal Learning Plans @ CBMS- what needs to happen for these plans to quickly become a cornerstone of personalization?
*1:1 environment @ CBMS- what can this look like, and how do we get there?
Student Empowerment and Student Voice- how can these be ramped up @ CBMS?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Notes from "How to Hook Kids"

Notes from How to Hook Kids with Maura (PA)

  • unit on identity to start the school year in classrooms-this is likely already happening, so use this for the PLP
  • look at what is happening in the classrooms already-it is following along the lines of the PLP
    • I AM Poem-lots of examples and sites that offer templates for these
    • pic stitch collage-allows them to be creative and get
    • Identity boxes-Maura uses these
      • internal and external identity
      • shoe box with things others can see on the outside and other things on the inside that others only see if we show
      • great way to introduce values and self-esteem
    • Relationship Webs-relationship analysis
    • FLYIN Ryan Core Principles-get with Jen Hempey who is already using this with some of the struggling boys
  • share out among teams about different things during meetings
  • you need to live and model the PLP experience (identity, goals, plans, reflection and evidence)
  • bumper sticker for everyone (teachers too)-created by everyone and including goals for the year-engage in discussions about these and be willing to share yours too.
  • Growth Mindset-give kids resources, talk to them like adults and identify “mindset” moments during meetings with students-it is ok to try, you are not always going to get it the first time.
  • successes and challenges-you learn from both!
  • GRIT-take on big challenges, perseverance
  • do you feel like your brain is working?
  • Find Inspiration! Who has set and achieved goals...people in the community, sharing is huge
  • videos are helpful and most kids are able to relate to them
  • show challenges, ask what would you do?, explore ideas
  • DREAM BIG!! (Where do you want to go?)
    • Career Explorer
    • Start where you are in VT-get them out of the school setting and give them EXPERIENCES and let them internalize it and show it out in any way they want
  • PLP is more of the “showpiece” and the learning is more of the “nitty gritty” hard work.
  • Student-led conference in the end of October drove their timeline so that they were required to have the following prior to the conference:
    • identity
    • bio
    • goal (NOT finalized)

  • 3 goals-2 academic and 1 personal (this was what they did last year but they will not be doing looking at quantity and focus on quality of goals this year), 3 identified transferable skills (let them see the language of these first and use them to identify and attach goals to them.  EX:  finding creative avenues to demonstrate skill in the content areas (creativity), learning to beatbox (finding success)
  • 11 indicators of transferable skills that need to be met by the time they graduate high school-they do not have to reach all of these in 7th grade-remember that!!

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  1. Great work!! Lots and lots of ideas here. I think that re-creating the schedule will really help with this -- so we have time to explore all of these ideas. I really like "show piece" for the PLP -- so it doesn't just feel like an add-on that has no meaning...