CBMS- MGI Mission Statement

Focus Statement for our work at the MGI, and in year #1, with the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education: In year #1 of our partnership with the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education, CBMS staff will analyze and re-design the CBMS learning environment, with the goal of supporting an increase in personalized learning and meaningful pursuits for our students. We will be aiming to create a learning environment which allows our students to engage in learning that incorporates interests, questions and concerns about issues of personal and social significance in a democratic society. This work will begin in the Middle Grades Institute in June, where we will run a jigsaw approach towards exploring this lofty goal. Small groups will focus on:
*The utilization of time- how can the CBMS daily schedule change to better allow us to meet this goal?
*The roll-out of Personal Learning Plans @ CBMS- what needs to happen for these plans to quickly become a cornerstone of personalization?
*1:1 environment @ CBMS- what can this look like, and how do we get there?
Student Empowerment and Student Voice- how can these be ramped up @ CBMS?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Student Voice Committee: Tuesday

Today, we created a blog.  We did this, as this is how MGI is soliciting feedback, and we are using this as a model. This blog's purpose is a platform for AGs to interact, and for students to have a more direct voice into the CBMS community.  Each AG leader would have an account, and would need to be trained on how to use Blogger.  Then, there would be a prompt (to start us off) that each AG leader would use to lead a discussion.  The prompt would be a post.  The AG leaders / students would craft a response and comment on that post.  There is a function where AGs could then reply to posts from other AGs.  These posts could narrow and expand in focus from "What should we have for lunch on (a particular day)?" to "How are plp's going?" to PBIS to "When do you get to make choices in school?" 

Here is a link to the test blog.  We would share author privileges with AG leaders.  Note, it is only a test, where we are experimenting with Blogger functions.

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  1. I love this idea! I can see kids really getting into this, especially if the discussion ideas are coming from them. I think it will be important that AG leaders keep them focused on the topic though, so that discussions don't run amok with random comments.